Living Mysteries Solved

Last week I presented macro photographs for you to identify, just for fun.  (Here are links to the posts: photos 1-8 and photos 9-17)

Macro Mysteries Solved photography logo by Merry Hearts Medicine

If your curiosity was peaked a little by my last two posts, here are the answers you’ve been waiting for:

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Mammoth Mushrooms and Magical Movies

I photographed possibly the biggest mushrooms the I’ve ever seen sitting on top of a hill, and I just had to share!   The thick green shrubbery kept me from getting any closer, but my zoom lens captured them pretty well, I think.  😉

giant mushrooms on a fern-covered knoll

Ok, ok, you know I’m just being silly.  Here’s the actual size of these mighty mushrooms:

tiny mushrooms on a clump of moss next to a quarter to show the actual size

Earlier this spring I was given a small truckload of a hay and horse manure mixture to put on my garden (you can see it as the dark areas in the photo at the end of this post).

What was the result?  Hopefully, nutrients are feeding the soil for this year’s seedlings.  Most noticeably, millions of little weeds are growing!  Having a garden buried in wood chip mulch usually means almost zero weeding, but not this spring!

While engaging in my new hobby of endless weeding, I was about to toss this particular weed onto the lawn and noticed a miniature nature scene in my hand.  Photo op!  I grabbed a clump of moss from the yard and a trash can lid from the shed and practiced my macro shooting.

weed and tiny mushrooms

I also played around (for much too long) with the Pixlr and PicMonkey photo editors to clean up the background of the photo.  Here is the original photo:

weed and tiny mushrooms original

I am amazed by the way I can easily alter photos with these free editors.  It makes me wonder how we can believe any images we see.

Then while I was typing this blog post, my daughter stumbled across some funny videos by Zach King, which makes me wonder how we can believe any videos we see, either.  I may search for a free video editor I could try out; it looks like fun.


Spring Macro Photo Gallery

As I’ve said before, observing and interacting with nature adds joy to my life.  I’m in awe of the complex patterns and relationships in nature, the efficient recycling through stages of decay and regrowth, the balance of interaction between each member of a local ecosystem, and the ebb and flow of the seasons.

Spring is the season currently budding out in my neck of the woods!  Let’s get up close and personal with the beauty of this wonderful season…

When I’m attempting to capture such natural beauty with my camera, I often think about how the hand of our Great Designer can be seen in His intricate creations.