Photography 101: Street

Day 2:  The theme for the second day was “Street” and the focus was on capturing an establishing shot (“a wide-angle photo that sets up a scene”).

Now that the rain, sleet, and snow have finished falling, I was able to go find a winter scene for this assignment.

a small-town street covered in snow with ruts and footprints

I didn’t capture a focal point in the foreground on this shot, like the assignment mentioned, but I did get a wide angle view.  I guess you can just imagine yourself in the foreground, getting ready to make a snow angel near the brick building or getting ready to pelt the photographer with a snowball! ha ha

I experimented with three camera settings for this assignment:  “Snow” (Yes, I have a snow setting on my camera…Who knew?), “Auto,” and “Aperture Priority” (which I mentioned in the previous post).

  1. The Snow setting, of course, helped control the brightness of the glare off the snow, and it gave the best results in most of my shots.
  2. The Auto setting gave a somewhat unattractive blue tint to the snow, especially when I tried to take close-ups.  It showed the most detail on tree branch shadows in the snow, though.
  3. The Aperature Priority setting, I have decided, is best for taking shots in darker situations, rather than bright daylight in the snow.  The details of the snow were washed out with this setting, and the ruts in the street looked pinkish.

Here are photos of water running in a ditch, using the different settings:

Here’s a few more photos I took, just for fun.  They were all taken with the Snow setting.

Opinions and ideas on this post are most appreciated!