Fitness Blender

Hello, everyone.  I wanted to share that I added a new entry to my personal health journal post (for the first time in a long time — Yes, I’ve gotten a bit flabby and lazy over the last few months, but I’m back on track now.)

Have you heard of a site called “Fitness Blender“?  They have a YouTube channel with hundreds of free workout videos that are really great, from what I’ve seen so far.  Click here and scroll down to the December 21st journal entry to learn more about these free videos and about how I’m on the road to recovery with a probable torn deltoid muscle in my shoulder…without surgery–yay!

(I’m not saying you should not get surgery if you severely injure your shoulder. I was just wanting to avoid it for myself, personally. It has taken over a year, but I think I’m very close to a successful recovery.)

Have a great day, and take care of your health!

Oh, and please share in the comments below any free exercise videos that you enjoy using.  I’d love to try new routines.  Thanks!