Photography 101: A Pop of Color

Day 11:  Today, the Photo 101 participants were guided to focus on the effect of color in an image.  We were encouraged to display a bold (or even a pastel) color against a bland background.

I saw a very bland background as soon as I looked out the window this morning.  The world was blanketed in fog.  The plastic birdhouses I recently made were definitely a strong “pop of color” against the haze.

dewdrops and spiderwebs on a tree branch in front of a red birdhouse

The dewdrops and spiderwebs were interesting against the glow of the foggy morning, so I photographed some blooms on the red maple tree to see if they had enough color to be interesting.

red maple tree bud and spider webs covered in dew

I did increase the saturation on this one to bring out the color in the bloom.

These daffodils were a welcome, cheery pop of color in the yard this morning.  Spring is in the air!

bright yellow daffodils covered in dew in front of a stone fire pit

My daughter asked where I took this photo because she didn’t recognize the area. Can you tell what is in the background behind these spring flowers?

The assignment also mentioned using pastel colors, so I lined up our chicken eggs to compare the colors.

white, tan, brown, blue, and green chicken eggs lined up across a plate