Yellow Spring Surprise

Macro Mysteries logo smallBlogging and photography have been pushed far, far down on my to-do-list the last few months.  I miss them both, so today I am making the time to publish a “Macro Mystery” post.  If it’s been so long that you don’t remember what this is, or if you’re new here at the Merry Hearts Medicine blog, I’ll explain…

Macro photography is so fun for me that I created a blog game with it.  It’s probably something thousands of other people have done — I post an extreme close-up of an object to see if you can guess what the object is.  If you have an idea as to what it might be, please leave a comment below!  In a few days (hopefully), I’ll reveal the answer in another post.

You may figure this one out easily, even though the photo quality is not as great this time.  (Sorry about that. I’m adjusting to a new camera.)

mysterious yellow-striped object with blue edging

Do you enjoy trying to identify mysterious photos like this?  If so, test your eagle eye with more Macro Mysteries posts.

So, give me your best guess!  What is this spring thing?

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{After your answer has fully grown in your mind, click over to this post to see if you’re right!}


Monochrome Brain Teaser

Macro Mysteries logo small

Solving puzzles and mysteries is good for your brain.  “Use it or lose it,” right?  So to keep your brain happy and healthy, today I present another challenge for you.

When I saw this object, I immediately thought that it would be perfect for a photo guessing game. I’ll even throw in an extra photo of the same object. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you believe it might be, so please share your guesses in the comments below.

Here’s a hint: I took these photos in March when the weather was cooler.

mysterious dark crack across plain background

mysterious dark crack across plain background

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{The answer has been revealed!  You can now zip over to the next post to see what this unusual object is!}


"blah blah blah" written in different colors around a woman typing on a laptop

Recently, I had enough free time to explore the WordPress blogosphere, and two things stuck out to me.  First, I became keenly aware of a quirk of mine that I constantly battle.  Second, I (re)discovered and began to follow a great blog called “The View From my Window.”

In her blog, Laura presents a lot of poetry, photos, and thought-provoking stories.  She has inspired me to share my thoughts about my glaring quirk in poem form:

I’m so wordy;

Please forgive me.

I often manage to find a way to express myself in sentences that contain many extra adjectives, phrases, and the like, until the sentences ramble on to become 20 to 30 words long (or even longer) instead of merely…

Two or Three.

~Merry Hearts Medicine, 2016


This tendency might be an asset in awkward social situations, but maybe not so much in written words, eh?  I don’t know.  Thanks to those who bear with me and read my ramblings anyway!


What’s your opinion on writing styles?  Do you prefer the facts, short and sweet?  Or do detailed descriptions tickle your fancy?


Springtime Surprises

Macro Mysteries logo small

Presenting a new challenge for you from my front yard…This one would have completely stumped me a few years ago.  What do you think the subject of this photo is?

mysterious stems

Here, I’ll back off a bit so you can see it better:

mysterious dark fruit with pointed ends

Let me add a couple more photos to make you wonder.  The following photos are from the same subject, mind you, even though they look nothing like the first two.

mysterious climbing millipede

mysterious brown fringe hanging down

Have you figured it out now?  I’ll present the answer for you in a few days, including a brief story to go along with it.  Until then, please leave a comment explaining what you think the photographic subject is today.  I bet some of you know!

Do you enjoy trying to identify mysterious photos like this?  If so, please click the following link to see similar posts: Macro Mysteries

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{Have you divined the answer yet? Check here to see if you are right!}


Photo 101: Treasure 3.0

Day 16 goal:  Lean more toward macro photography by getting up close and focusing on the details of your photography subject.

macro photo of a grandmother and granddaughter's hands

Multi generations under one roof is something to treasure. The wisdom of age and the exuberance of youth blend together daily, and the combination is a blessing for everyone involved.


I’m always desiring to learn and improve upon my photography.  If you have the time, I’d really appreciate hearing your opinion:  Would you compare this post to the previous two and leave a comment telling me which one you like best and why?  Thanks!

Treasure 2.0 — I learned a lot about photo editing to present this symbolic treasure in an image.  I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

Treasure 1.0 — Making the post for this theme brought a tear to my eye the first time I participated in Photo 101.  It may bring a tear to your eye, too, just because of how scary the photos are! ha ha


“I don’t care what you call me, as long as you call me in time for dinner.”

Macro Mysteries logo small

Today, I’ve whipped up another assortment of images for you to identify.  This time they are all chosen from one of my favorite subjects:  food.

macro photo of food

macro photo of brown food

macro photo of pink food

macro photo of bumpy food

macro photo of red food

I tried to be a little tricky this time!  Could you identify the subjects of these photos well enough to tell if they are things you like to eat?   Please tell me your guesses in the comments below!  The answers will be revealed in a few days.

What are your favorite foods?  I have too many to mention!

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{Hungry for the answers? (Yeah, I know, lame pun!)  Click here to see the yummy sources of these photos.}


What is it?

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You’ve likely heard the story from the bible about God miraculously feeding manna to the wandering Israelites, but do you know what the word “manna” means?  When the Israelites went outside and saw the food for the first time, they said “What is it?”  In the Hebrew language, that question is expressed through one word: “Manna?

I broke out the camera today for the first time in weeks, and I’d like to present another of my macro mystery photos that may have you asking “What is it?”  If you think you might have the answer to that question, please leave a comment to let me know what you believe the subject of the photo is.

macro photo of a forest of mysterious white spikes

I’d love to hear your guesses on this one!  The answer will be revealed in a few days…

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{The days have flown by and the answer is in.  “What is it?”  Go see!}