Favorite Photos

Photography became a semi-hobby of mine in spring 2015.  Macro photography has particularly caught my interest; so I’ve spent extra time exploring it, along with different camera settings and editing effects.

On this page, I’d like to present some of my favorite images, just for the fun of it.

Please feel free to offer any constructive opinions or criticisms that could help me improve my photography skills. (Give it to me straight; I can handle it, really!)

May these images brighten your day as much as they do mine!

Click on a photo if you’d like to see additional information about it.

close up photo of a green and brown eye with long black eyelashes

side view of orange quince blossom and bud

tiny house sitting upside down next to a concrete floor with a chair sitting nearby

macro photo of ladybug on dandelion cleaning legs

underneath view of pink wildflower and bud growing in the butterfly garden

Yellow kitten meowing in the sun.

looking up at colorful spring leaves of a japanese maple and an oak

wedding ring on a woman's hand

macro photo of a fuzzy tendril on a watermelon vine

seagull hovering in the air with wings curled forward beneath a cloudy sky

blooming stalk of bermuda grass with a tiny spider and web

calico abyssinian guinea pig munching on grass in the yard

If you enjoyed these photos, you may wish to take a look at another page called “SCRIPTURE.”  Many of the images on that page are made from photos I have taken, also.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a happy day!

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I plan to add to this page from time to time, so please come back again later!

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