Yellow Spring Mystery Solved

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Were you able to identify the subject of the mysterious photo from the last post?  Guesses have included flowers or bugs.  The object did come from the outdoors, but it didn’t come into our house in the condition you saw in the photo…


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Yellow Spring Surprise

Macro Mysteries logo smallBlogging and photography have been pushed far, far down on my to-do-list the last few months.  I miss them both, so today I am making the time to publish a “Macro Mystery” post.  If it’s been so long that you don’t remember what this is, or if you’re new here at the Merry Hearts Medicine blog, I’ll explain…

Macro photography is so fun for me that I created a blog game with it.  It’s probably something thousands of other people have done — I post an extreme close-up of an object to see if you can guess what the object is.  If you have an idea as to what it might be, please leave a comment below!  In a few days (hopefully), I’ll reveal the answer in another post.

You may figure this one out easily, even though the photo quality is not as great this time.  (Sorry about that. I’m adjusting to a new camera.)

mysterious yellow-striped object with blue edging

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So, give me your best guess!  What is this spring thing?

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Monochrome Brain Teaser

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Solving puzzles and mysteries is good for your brain.  “Use it or lose it,” right?  So to keep your brain happy and healthy, today I present another challenge for you.

When I saw this object, I immediately thought that it would be perfect for a photo guessing game. I’ll even throw in an extra photo of the same object. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you believe it might be, so please share your guesses in the comments below.

Here’s a hint: I took these photos in March when the weather was cooler.

mysterious dark crack across plain background

mysterious dark crack across plain background

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Springtime Surprises

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Presenting a new challenge for you from my front yard…This one would have completely stumped me a few years ago.  What do you think the subject of this photo is?

mysterious stems

Here, I’ll back off a bit so you can see it better:

mysterious dark fruit with pointed ends

Let me add a couple more photos to make you wonder.  The following photos are from the same subject, mind you, even though they look nothing like the first two.

mysterious climbing millipede

mysterious brown fringe hanging down

Have you figured it out now?  I’ll present the answer for you in a few days, including a brief story to go along with it.  Until then, please leave a comment explaining what you think the photographic subject is today.  I bet some of you know!

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