Moments of Joy: September 2016

In last month’s post, I showed you what kind of clothing is worn by large shade trees. (Yes, you read that correctly.) This month has been unusual and hectic.  Since two computers “died” on me this summer — the second one is currently off for repairs — I lost my list of fun memories I had collected for September.  Since it is late in the evening, and I’m just now realizing this is the end of the month (already?!), I’ll share with you the thing that gives me many happy moments every month…

SCRIPTURE -- 2 Samuel 22:2-4 written on a photo of mountains

There’s a song on my “PRAISE” page which will help you memorize these bible verses.

black-and-white image of pregnant belly with ribbon tied around it

Oh, and here’s another happy moment to wrap up this month:  My best friend of over 20 years called me today to say that the firstborn child she is carrying is a girl!  Ahhh, such excitement!  I’m so happy for her!

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Thanks for stopping by today!  My blog has been neglected the last couple of months.  Maybe things will slow down soon, and I’ll have the luxury again to enjoy playing in the world of WordPress.  Though, I hear from many, many people that time only seems to fly faster the older you get!  How could that be?!  Wow!


3 thoughts on “Moments of Joy: September 2016

  1. Nice scripture. God is our rock. So happy for your friend – such a joy to be expecting a child. Sorry about your computers. I know how that is, I had a computer die a few months ago. Nice post. Life flies by – grab something, hang on and make it slow down. 🙂

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  2. I am sorry to hear about your computer problems. I only have one laptop and it too went on the fritz this month. Maybe it is just something about September?
    I can also sympathize with the feeling that as I get older time seems to go faster. My husband and I pondered that one and wondered if time, indeed, was going faster or we were just moving slower…….
    Aaaahhhhh …… one of life’s great mysteries.
    I am glad you are back!

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