A Fun Phobia

More than twenty years ago, a beautiful heart-shaped balloon popped while I was blowing it up and left a large welt right beside my eye.  It was a specialty balloon made out of unusually thick rubber, which apparently had a flaw in it.

To this day, I have a slight phobia of balloons.  Over the years, this has grown to include other stretchy rubber things, like exercise bands, when they get too close to my face.  My family relishes teasing me about it.

photo of lady peeking through a red birthday balloon, background is black and white

As a form of therapy this morning, I inflated several balloons — all by myself!  🙂  I do a better job, though, if I blow them up while sitting down…with my eyes closed…with both hands in front of my face like a shield…with a few pauses to turn away and take deep, cleaning breaths to slow my heart rate…

three ladies having a balloon fight on a couch, background is black and white

Still, balloons can be a source of simple, childish fun, whether used as colored filters for viewing the world, swords in battle, slow-motion tennis balls, or static-filled hair decorations!  They stimulate the imagination and bring out the kid in all my family members.  An intense balloon battle is a fun way to get a little exercise, too, as long as nothing gets broken (in the house or on a person)!

four long balloons stuck to a woman's hair with static cling

I had four of the long balloons stuck to my head at one time this afternoon — a new record!

May you be blessed today with an acute awareness of the simple pleasures that surround you!

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Do you have a phobia?  Do you know how it started?  I’m all ears — tell me about it!


11 thoughts on “A Fun Phobia

  1. Those look like fun balloons!
    My phobia is spiders and I have no idea why! I just think they are quiet and sneaky and if they are on the ceiling they can easily drop on you without warning. My brother has the same phobia so it could be genetic?????

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    • I could see that being scary for a kid! My neighbor called me over yesterday to get a snake out of her yard. She has a very entertaining “snake dance” where she screams, waves “jazz hands” in the air, and does a sort of tap dance. Lol Sometimes she just sends me a text message saying “SNAKE!” The last one was a tiny, non-poisonous one that supposedly eats slugs, so I put it in my garden. 🙂

      I think your snake phobia is much more logical than my balloon phobia, though. 😉

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      • That’s my reaction when I see a snake…or if I think I’m going to see one…or if I saw one in the past and remember seeing it. LOL I ran into a spider web a few days ago. It’s the worst feeling. It was apparently a huge one, because it cover my head. I was so paranoid the spider was on me the entire day. Ha Ha. 🙂

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