Sunny Summer Drive in the Country

My daughter drove me around on a fun photo shoot one sunny summer morning this week, and I thought you might enjoy coming along with us…

chip-sealed country road curving into the woods on a sunny summer day

old, white farmhouse in a field with a cedar-post fence in front

Near this farmhouse, we spotted a tree wearing clothes.  Yes, you read that right.  Soon I hope to share the story of this tree and the farmer who stopped to talk to me while I was photographing it.

macro photo of sharp points on a barbed-wire fence

gravel road lined with mailboxes bending over three hills

A few hills were so steep, I wondered if our poor car would make it to the top.

a crooked tree in dappled sunlight in the woods

I climbed up a ditch bank to take this photo (and the one below). When I returned to the car, my daughter informed me that three deer leaped across the gravel road not far past me. Ooo, missed opportunity! I never even knew they were there!

macro photo of small weeds in the woods

dead tree in field, surrounded by dragonflies

This tree is the reason we went on this journey.  We saw it on a previous drive and wanted to come back when the lighting was better.  If you’re seeing spots, it’s not your imagination — the air was thick with dragonflies!

dead tree on hill above green field on a sunny summer day

I couldn’t decide which angle was best on the last two photos.  Which do you prefer, the ground-eye view or shooting from regular height?

It was so pleasant to ride around, documenting our Creator’s beautiful works.  We also stopped at a small lake and met two very photogenic ducks, but I’ll save those photos for another time.  Thanks for reading this post; I hope it brightened your day!

SCRIPTURE -- Ecclesiastes 3:11 written on the photo of a butterfly on a milkweed flower

This photo is from my garden. If you like images with bible verses, please check out the “SCRIPTURE” page which is full of photos you can use and share.


15 thoughts on “Sunny Summer Drive in the Country

  1. I love both of the angles on your last two photos. The one on the right invites me to take a stroll through the shady lane and the one on the left shows me the way is beautiful but the rocky path may not always be easy…..kind of like life. I choose both!

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