Moments of Joy: May 2016

Last month, I listed the fun activities we enjoyed during a vacation to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Today, I present something that has changed my life and my family’s lives for the better.
collage of how to make a fruit smoothie with orange, banana, and strawberries

(**This smoothie recipe is listed at the end of the post.)

Health is so easily taken for granted” I think to myself as I lay in bed watching a YouTube video about raw vegan diets.   “Why do we do that, since our health affects all other aspects of our lives?

Sounds of scrubbing tooth brushes and running water float into the room while I sleepily click from one video to another.  “Now THIS is a weird one…’Iridology’?  There’s a chart of an eye with different parts of the body written on different areas.  What?  That reminds me of those old foot massage reflexology charts my mom had when I was a kid.”

My daughter soon bounds into the room with far too much energy for bedtime and flops onto the edge of the bed to begin our family bible reading and prayer time.  Curiosity entices me to click to another short video, this time about veganism and eye color.

“Look at this,” I beckon to my daughter, “I’ve seen several things on the internet saying that people’s eyes changed color after eating a raw vegan diet.”

“Their eye color changed?!” she lifts her eyebrows as she crawls up beside me to look at the laptop screen.

“Whose eye color changed?” my husband asks as he enters the doorway and steps past our sweet old dog (who is patiently lying on the floor, waiting for the highly-anticipated bedtime treat she receives every night).

So begins a discussion of all the (dubious) new information I’ve gleaned that evening about iridology, veganism, and cleansing toxins from the body.  “Oooo!” my daughter exclaims.  “It would be cool if I could make my eye color change back to blue like they were when I was little!”  I’m thinking her eyes are gorgeous as they are, but blue eyes do look quite stunning with dark hair like hers…

The conversation escalates to the point that my crazy hubby and daughter decide to experiment with a raw vegan diet for the sake of her eye color and his health.

“Hey, Mom, how long do you have to eat that way before your eyes change?”

“Months to years, from what this stuff says, if you believe it’s true.”

“I’ve been wanting to make a change for my health, anyway, so I’ll do it with you,” my husband offers.

The two continue to discuss and bargain from each side of me on the bed:  “Let’s do it a month.”  “No, it has to be longer.  Let’s do three months!  We can do it!”

I interrupt their excited chatter with a loud chuckle.  My family does not appreciate my skepticism.  Though I am the only person in the room who has ever fasted or stuck to a strict diet, they are undaunted.

Hoping to save them from disheartening failure, I show them some research I’ve done on the benefits of a five-day raw fruit and veggie cleanse/fast.  We solemnly agree to to begin the diet as a family…right after we return from our vacation at the end of the month.  (None of us are willing to miss out on the delicious treats at our favorite B&B!)

A couple of weeks later, on May 1st, 2016, we embark on a culinary experiment that has set our household (and possibly a few other family members and friends) on a new path in life.  This path holds the blessings of remarkably reduced headaches and stomach pains, clearer thinking, bubbly energy, and hopefully many other great things to come.  The five-day experiment has evolved into a 45-to-55-day experiment that is turning into a life-change for all of us.

I’m realizing now more than ever that food is medicine.  I wouldn’t necessarily have thought in the past that problems like backaches and chronically cold hands are directly connected to diet, but apparently they are! Things just keep getting better and better for my family as we learn more about how different foods affect our bodies and minds.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

You can read details about our eating experiment and updates on the results in my latest health journal post.  Thanks for reading!

**A pleasant part of our experiment for me has been delicious, fresh smoothies!  If you’d like to know the recipe for the pink beauty pictured above, it’s quite simple:  one clementine, one very ripe banana, frozen strawberries, fill half-way with water, add a bit of stevia or other sweetener, assemble, blend, and enjoy!  If  you have room in your blender, a few ice cubes make it even better!

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