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Recently, I had enough free time to explore the WordPress blogosphere, and two things stuck out to me.  First, I became keenly aware of a quirk of mine that I constantly battle.  Second, I (re)discovered and began to follow a great blog called “The View From my Window.”

In her blog, Laura presents a lot of poetry, photos, and thought-provoking stories.  She has inspired me to share my thoughts about my glaring quirk in poem form:

I’m so wordy;

Please forgive me.

I often manage to find a way to express myself in sentences that contain many extra adjectives, phrases, and the like, until the sentences ramble on to become 20 to 30 words long (or even longer) instead of merely…

Two or Three.

~Merry Hearts Medicine, 2016


This tendency might be an asset in awkward social situations, but maybe not so much in written words, eh?  I don’t know.  Thanks to those who bear with me and read my ramblings anyway!


What’s your opinion on writing styles?  Do you prefer the facts, short and sweet?  Or do detailed descriptions tickle your fancy?

10 thoughts on “Elaboration

  1. Just the facts Mam. That line is from an old detective show from years ago. I have found most bloggers seem to like shorter versions of things. But, we each have our own style. You have a nice blog. 🙂

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  2. For me, word count and post length are less important. I’m all about following rich content, be it a narrative, photos or both. As for my own blog, I simply view myself as a messenger and I get to write/share whatever I choose. 🙂

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  3. Oh my! I’m so sorry for just now seeing this post. Thank you so much for the kind words about me and my view from my little corner of the world. I truly appreciate you and your encouraging words. Your blog is a real gem and I’m thankful our paths crossed. 🙂

    Good questions. In the past, when given writing projects from a former boss for her business, I was always told…”And Laura, you don’t need to write a book. Keep it simple.” LOL So, I’ve learned to not worry about word count just keeping it simple and to the point. Still working on mastering this. But, sometimes, the subject may need to be wordy.

    With such a busy work schedule, I’m finding it difficult keeping up with all the blogs I’m following. I personally seem to be reading those that are short and to the point. I can read, be encouraged and inspired by many short ones, compared to a few lengthy ones. Just my thoughts! BTW..Yours is one I make time for. 🙂

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    • Your compliments are so sweet, thanks. I’d appreciate any tips you think of on how to improve my blog. I’m always eager to learn.

      Oh, dear, the topic of this post has caused me problems again! ha ha I’ve been on the computer checking out blogs all evening — fun! My daughter just walked up and said “Are you still working on that same comment [from about an hour ago]?” She often teases me about my long comments and wordiness. Critics!


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