Moments of Joy: April 2016

My mother-in-law and I strolled back in time to a 50’s cafe in last month’s Moment of Joy.  This month, my family returns to one of our favorite vacation spots in Arkansas.

Hot Springs, Arkansas: National Park, Promenade, Bed and Breakfast, Mountain tower, and Pirate's Cove Golf

I have said plenty of things in the past about our trips to Hot Springs, Arkansas, and especially our fabulous stays at the 1884 Wildwood Bed and Breakfast Inn, so I will spare you the long story and just list the highlights of this year’s trip for you.

  • My hubby got to go with us for the first time in years and had his first stay at the bed and breakfast.
  • We had perfect weather for playing Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf — the best mini-golf course I’ve ever enjoyed!
  • Several days were spent shopping, trail-walking, and taking our first “ghost tour” in the downtown area.
  • My daughter and her friend experienced a buzz from visiting an “oxygen bar.”  Yes, they paid money to look like hospital patients and smell fragrances that set my allergies on fire!  Meanwhile, I had a great time viewing paintings and chatting with the curators of several nearby art galleries.
  • The girls made a video of themselves doing a taste test with eight types of root beer and a bacon-flavored soda pop. “Gross, it tastes like bacon barbeque sauce!” they said.  “Bacon should not be in liquid form!”
  • Did I mention the bed and breakfast yet? (Lol) Oh, wow!  Who could not love the kind staff, the specially-baked treats to accommodate my daughter’s food allergies, the special arrangements for my fragrance allergies, the richly-decorated rooms with a porch swing and jacuzzi tub, the incredible breakfast feasts, the beautiful surroundings, the expertly-presented historical tour, etc, etc.

All in all, it was a wonderful, relaxing trip that refreshed us.  After so many years of visits to Hot Springs, we’ve about worn the town out.  Next time, I think we’ll have to explore some of the nearby lakes and parks; we’ve heard great things about them.  I’m sure we can come up with more excuses to spend time in “our home away from home” (as the girls have dubbed it) at the Wildwood B&B.


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