Photo 101: Edge 3.0

Day 18 goal:  Use a photo editing program to align straight edges in your photo to be perfectly vertical or horizontal.

I took these photos the same day I took the “landscape” images.  It was such a beautiful day for photography!  I was lucky to be able to explore the grounds around two houses that were for sale on top of a long ridge.  I would hate to accidentally step over the edge in either of these first two photos — there was a steep hillside below the fencing.

view of landscape from ridge, with edge of house and short wooden fence

backyard view from first house, edged with wooden railing

view from ridge through tree with metal porch railing in foreground

back porch view from second house, edged with metal railing

Imagine the views I could have captured if I had been able to get up to those porches!


I’m always desiring to learn and improve upon my photography.  If you have the time, I’d really appreciate hearing your opinion:  Would you compare this post to the previous two and leave a comment telling me which one you like best and why?  Thanks!

Edge 2.0 — Aligning the edges in this photo proved more difficult than I first anticipated.

Edge 1.0 — I was surprised by the kind compliments I received about the photos of my daughter’s little betta fish tank that represented this theme the first time I participated in Photo 101.

6 thoughts on “Photo 101: Edge 3.0

  1. Wow, nice photos. I would not like to live in a house on a cliff. Was a fantastic view though. I remember your 2 past posts – that tile floor was beautiful, as was your daughter’s fish tank. Would have been an interesting picture if you could have stood on the 2nd floor balancy of these 2 houses that were for sale. Good job.

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