Photo 101: Street 3.0

 Day 2 goal:  Capture a wide-angle shot, paying attention to foreground and background.

You never know what you’ll see at an outdoor weekend flea market.  There were so many vehicles and people on the dirt streets, it was hard to see anything at times.

street photography with chickens

street photography with dog in baby carriage

street photography father and son with chickens~~~~~~~

I’m always desiring to learn and improve upon my photography.  If you have the time, I’d really appreciate hearing your opinion:  Would you compare this post to the previous two and leave a comment telling me which one you like best and why?  Thanks!

Street 2.0 — We had a fun afternoon at this go kart track.

Street 1.0 — The streets were blanketed in snow the first time I participated in Photo 101.


15 thoughts on “Photo 101: Street 3.0

    • Thanks for your input! I rarely photograph people, so it was unnerving getting weird looks from people as I took these shots. My camera has a swiveling LCD screen (a feature I will never do without–so wonderful!). I hung the camera strap over my head and tried to look down at the screen all nonchalant to frame the shots as I took them. It was less noticable that way that I was taking photos. ha ha


    • Yes, I had to stop those people and beg for a photo. They happily obliged, though they all stepped out of the way. Then the dad said, “If you see my son, you can take a picture of him, too. He would love it. He’s the boy with a two-foot-tall blue mowhawk.” Sure enough, I easily spotted him later running around with another boy.

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