A Voice of Compassion

This is why I love WordPress. Thanks so much to my daughter for unintentionally turning me into a blogger. And thanks to those of you who open your hearts of compassion to total strangers.

“Do I know exactly how you feel? No. Do you know exactly how I feel? No. But what we do know is this… we can share our life experiences with one another so that no one feels alone when they are hurting… physically or emotionally… when they are sick… in sadness… or lost within the darkness. We all have that light within us that can be shared with another… ” ~ by Michael33

Vision of Hope 33

Recovery Update #2

Saturday, February 13, 2016

I hope that all of you are already enjoying or about to begin enjoying a beautiful weekend filled with love, smiles and laughter.  Perhaps I should leave this post with that comment instead of bringing you up to date on my recovery.  But, then… that would not fulfill my ‘vision of hope’ that this site is intended to bring.  So I’m going to whine… complain… gripe… whimper… perhaps even snivel a bit… I would even throw in some mewling… but that bothers the kitties and they gather on the coffee table and stare at me with that special kitty look that says… “Really?… Mewling?  You’re seriously going to mewl right in front of us?”  So, I suppose I’ll just stop at sniveling…

The shortness of breath is the most serious of the side effects at this point and I actually can’t say for…

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