Stop Complaining About My Complaining!

I wanted to share this post because I need a frequent reminder of the topic. My life is amazingly wonderful. I have nothing of consequence to complain about, and yet I catch myself complaining anyway. It’s a bad habit I’ve been working to remove from my life. No one enjoys listening to a whiner.

A Homeschool Mom

Stop_Complaining_About_ComplainingOften, I find myself listening to little people in the midst of fussing about life’s many trials. They complain about having to make their beds, brush their teeth, clean their bathroom, and help with household chores. There are days I wish I had a magic button to push which would allow me to turn the complaining off. Then, the Lord shared something with me.

As often as my kids are complaining, I’m complaining about their complaining. If I would like my children to stop grumbling, I need to first set the example myself. But, how do I do this?

Prayer – Above all, I need to be in prayer. I should also be praying over my children’s hearts and teaching them to pray on their own.  With the Lord’s help, we can beat the habit of whining and have a peaceful home.

Gratefulness – At the heart of our grumbling…

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