It’s Too Soon, Little Ones!

The changing of the seasons is a beautiful thing.  In certain places, they seem to change every couple of weeks.  We never know quite what to expect around here, and neither do the poor plants.
bush honeysuckle bud sealed in ice and snow

This honeysuckle bush is a wonderful plant to keep in the yard. Heat, cold, flooding, drought, there seems to be nothing that fazes it; yet, it is not invasive like most varieties of honeysuckle (Lonicera).

one bush honeysuckle bloom escapes the ice

I enjoy this particular honeysuckle bush because it stays green and sports fragrant flowers year round. Honeybees love it!  This provides food for stray bees that wander out on warmer winter days.

weeds growing out of a crack in the concrete, covered with snow

Don’t worry, this little green guy can’t die — it’s a WEED!

red quince buds sealed in ice

branch of red quince buds in ice and snow

Red quince is another beautiful bush to grow in the yard, but watch out for the thorns! I quickly get reminded of those when I lean in to get macro shots of honeybees in the spring!

quince bud with icicle to the side

Here are a few more icy images from this morning:

chain link in snow and ice

chain link icicles

icy green bird house

Icicles prevented the birds from going into several of my homemade bird houses this morning.

rows of icicles on a tree limb


icicles on a tree branch

Sometimes I like to frost or color the edges of a photo (in this case, it was to distract from the ugly storage shed in the corner). What do you think? Does it add to the image, or detract from it?


4 thoughts on “It’s Too Soon, Little Ones!

  1. Very nice post. I truly hate to see these poor buds encased in ice. I liked all of your photos, they were all a beautiful display of winter. I like the way you did the last photo, it really highlights the hanging icicles. Good job, but brrrrr.

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