Kitchen Close-Ups

Feeling hungry?  You might be by the time you finish reading this post!  But first, if you haven’t seen the preceding Macro Mysteries post, please check it out before you see the answers revealed below.

Macro Mysteries Solved photography logo by Merry Hearts Medicine

I told you I was trying to be tricky with the last set of photos.  Let me explain why…

The first trick was that the first and fourth photos were of the same subject: a pizza.  The first one was extra parmesan cheese on top of a meatball, and the fourth was burnt cheese sprinkled across the crust (my favorite part of a pizza!).

pizza and cutter

The second photo was of a fairly common object, with an unusual twist.  It’s an atypical pecan from one of our trees.  Some years the nuts form a velvety coating on them.  I’m not sure why.  Do any of you know more about it?  It doesn’t seem to change the flavor or quality of the pecans.

pecans, shelled and bagged

I considered the third photo to be a little tricky because many people do not know that carnations are edible.  I’ve never eaten one myself, but I do know from personal experience that violas and red bud tree blossoms are quite tasty on salads!

bouquet of pale pink carnations

The last photo was one of the easiest, I would assume.  Raspberries are another of my favorite treats.  I hope the ones in my garden do well next summer!

red raspberries in a clear plastic container

Thanks for playing along with my photo guessing game!  Until next time!


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