Frankincense Oil Is Now an Essential Part of My Daily Routine

frankincense tree growing precariously off the side of a rocky bluff

Hang on, there’s always hope! (photo of a frankincense tree by Alexandre Baron)


In September I published a blog post about the blessing of good health.  It has become a personal health journal, of sorts, that I update periodically, mainly for my own records.

I’d like to draw public attention to my latest update because I think it has the potential to change (or possibly save?) lives.  It’s about my positive experiences with frankincense essential oil.

Please click on this link and scroll way down to the update from January 9, 2016.  The information may be valuable to you or someone you love.

If you have success stories involving essential oils or cancer remission, please share them in the comments below.  Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Frankincense Oil Is Now an Essential Part of My Daily Routine

  1. I went to your link and saw near the end in January 2016 what frankincense did for you. I have been taking frankincense and it seems to be helping me with bladder infections, makes me feel better. I read several articles on line about frankincense oil and all the things it can do for you and how it is suppose to cure cancer. Frankincense was mentioned in the Bible as one of the gifts Jesus received at his birth. I think God had to put natural things on this earth to help us. Nice post you wrote and everyone should check out your link too.

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