Moments of Joy: December 2015

The Moment of Joy for last month described an impromptu lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and a mysterious jedi.  This month’s story involves super-thoughtful people and a hearty dose of Benadryl.

women sneezing into a tissue and boxes of tissue

Let me keep this month’s post simple and give you the highlights:

  • I’m “allergic to the world,” as I sometimes say (mainly perfumes and artificial fragrances).
  • My daughter’s best friend comes to stay the night.
  • The friend’s perfume sends me into a sneezing, itching fit; so I take a dose of Benadryl, turn on the bathroom exhaust fans to help pull out the smell, and shut myself into my bedroom.
  • While chatting to my mother in an email, she says, “Ask her to rewash her hair with your unscented shampoo.”
  • I finally give in and ask, and the friend happily agrees. (She is such a kind girl!)
  • More itching and yuck continues due to the fabric softener on the friend’s clothing.  (Our house is pretty well unscented these days: “natural” deodorants and shampoos, homemade laundry soap, no scented candles or air fresheners other than essential oils.)
  • My mother-in-law finds me in my bedroom and says the house has a very strong fragrance in the air.  After seeing me and my pile of tissues, she asks the friend to change into my daughter’s clothes (good thing they’re the same size!) and takes the clothes home to wash them.
  • My mother-in-law comes back with her large, expensive air filter and insists I run it in the bedroom to clear up my sinuses.  (See, those evil mother-in-law jokes are not always valid!  ha ha)
  • A couple of hours later — sweet relief!  I can breathe through my nose!
  • By that evening, the friend is back in her own clothes, and we all jump in the car to go watch the new Star Wars movie.  Hooray!  (The movie is great, by the way!)

To conclude:  Loving moms, sweet friends, and thoughtful in-laws are the best!  My life is full of blessings that keep me smiling, even from behind a crumpled tissue!


It’s hard for me to believe I’ve already written a year’s worth of these posts!  Looking back on these monthly posts from 2015, I guess I’d say the one that brings me the most joy is April’s post.  A three-generation “girl trip” is so special and fun.  Unfortunately, my mother did not get to experience that trip as she would have liked because she became very ill.  We figured out later it was mostly due to a concussion caused by a bad fall she had right before our trip.  I’m hoping we can go to Hot Springs, Arkansas, again this spring, with everyone feeling healthy enough to thoroughly enjoy it this time!


3 thoughts on “Moments of Joy: December 2015

  1. Wow, they always say – “Listen to your Mother.” In this case you got the advice of two Mothers. You must have a blessed life. Your Daughter’s friend is precious to wash her hair and change her clothes. There are lots of nice teenagers in the world!

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