Childhood Misadventures Put to Verse

Here are a couple of the more lighthearted poems by my neighbors that I promised to share.  I hope you enjoy a chuckle from them!

I told my daughter “These are the kinds of things kids did to entertain themselves before they had all the screens and electronics.”


by Betty Ferguson

There’s a story that’s told
About a boy named Bill,
Who stuck his finger in a hole
In a tractor wheel.

old red Massey Ferguson Deluxe Tractor sitting in a field

To his dismay
When he tried to pull it out,
Oh no! I’m stuck tight
To little brother he did shout.

You see, Bill was always curious
And it would get him in trouble.
Then he would holler for little brother
To come running on the double.

But this time little brother said,
I’m tired; I think I’ll go home.
Bill began to plead and cry,
Please don’t leave me alone.

Now, little brother laughed,
He thought it would be such fun,
To leave Bill stuck tight,
Until the set of sun.

But along came Dad
With a special tool,
By a few quick turns
He released the fool.

Now the moral of this story,
And I’m sure of that.
It was curiosity,
That killed the cat.



by Billy Ferguson

Sometimes when I do reminisce
Of some of the days gone by.
About the things that happened then
That make me laugh or cry.
About the time I was herding the cows
My little brother and me
I thought to myself how to have some fun
With his little red wagon you see.

Jersey cow wearing a bell and walking down a dirt road

So I tied it secure to old jersey’s tail
And turned her loose to run.
Little brother hanging with all his might,
Boy was I having some fun.
But then she turned and to the highway went
As cars hit the ditch on both sides.
Little brother hanging for the ride of his life,
While laughter was splitting my sides.

Then about this time over it went
As he plowed up the street with his nose
I rushed to his side and I helped him get up.
He was bloody from his head to his toes.
When we finally got home with explaining to do
My story Mom wouldn’t buy.
I found it much better to tell her the truth
Not cover it up with a lie.

To this very day when I think of the time
When little brother took his most famous ride
His face and his nose were both busted indeed
But from the backside Mom took off my hide.



One thought on “Childhood Misadventures Put to Verse

  1. Ah, I remember those days. My 2 brothers and I always getting into trouble and usually getting a few scrapes and bruises to show for our adventures. Actually enjoyed those times more than sitting in front of a computer screen, which we did not have in “The Old Days.” Nice post, thanks for sharing your neighbor’s mis-adventures. Ha

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