Moments of Joy: November 2015

Last month, I offended your eyes with monstrous mullets, so I will share a more lighthearted and pleasant tale today.

person in Darth Vader costume having lightsaber battle on a barren planet

What an amazing woman my mother is — the way she overcomes through daily trials, a recent family tragedy, her long-term health problems.  Over the years her level of health has varied.  The last few weeks it seems to be on an upswing, and I’m so happy to see it.

I have grieved for my mother because of her health and all the tough times she’s been through, during the past few years especially.  I have grieved because of her suffering and sorrow and because there is so little I can do to lighten her burdens.  Everyone has burdens in their lives; I realize that.  But this is my mom, so naturally I want her to have no burdens!

On this brisk, sunny morning my parents surprise us by stopping by to say “Hi” on their way home from a shopping trip.  Just the fact that my mother can run to the grocery store makes my heart happy after watching her spend months at a time being house-bound due to her illnesses.

Mom walks in with a smile on her face and a (slight) spring in her step.  It’s a good day for her today.  I smile in return as I welcome her with a hug.

Upon entering the living room, my mother spies a heap of Star Wars figurines piled in the middle of the floor.  She asks my daughter what they are and promptly plops down on the floor and starts sorting through them.  (On the floor!)

My daughter shows Mom how her big space ship toy opens with all it’s banana-headed droids inside.  Then she explains each action figure as my mother holds them up with questions like “What is this creature?!  Is that its brains or its hair hanging down the back?”  My father and I look over her head at each other and grin.

Soon, my mother notices a larger item lying to the side of the pile.  “Oh…a lightsaber!”

A few seconds later, she and my daughter are up on their feet, cloaked and masked, engaged in a wild one-on-one battle.  I carefully grab my camera to capture the scene.  After a few quick snapshots, my father and I concentrate on protecting ourselves from the wildly waving plastic weapons while we laugh at their antics.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my mother “playing.”  So fun!  I hope today’s happy moment is one of many more to come…


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