Dream Your Way to Good Health?

I’m hesitant to even write this on here, but I feel compelled to. I’d like to know your opinions on it.

Do you believe that dreams can have significance today? The bible says God used dreams/visions in the past to communicate His will. I have strange dreams nearly every night and have seldom given any value to them as having meaning in real life, except for the deja vu dreams I had frequently when I was younger.

Here’s why I’m asking, though:

Last night I dreamed about my father and his mother (who’s been gone for many years now). She was saying how badly she wished “we could just live a little longer” and mentioned something about douglas fir. My dad stood up and said “I know, Mom, but I haven’t been able to smell a douglas fir in many years!” They both hung their heads sadly and indicated in the dream that meant my father was going to die soon.

I woke up crying, and I prayed if it was important, that I would please remember it in the morning.

My first thought when I woke up this morning was “douglas fir.”

Through researching those words on the internet, I found out there is a douglas fir tree essential oil that is used for treating lung infections and breathing problems, along with inflammation.

Here’s what makes things more strange:

On the phone, my mother told me she dreamed last night that she was at a grave site with a small girl who was trying to bury something. My mother asked her why she was burying the stuff, and she said “They NEED it! They NEED it!” Then in the dream, a relative came up to my mother and told her that my father had died.

When I woke my daughter this morning, she said she had a nightmare last night. (She rarely remembers her dreams.) She dreamed that she and my father kept running and hiding from a man who was chasing them. In the dream, the guy wanted to “get” my father because he had overheard the man’s secret conversation with someone.


I pray constantly that God will help my family figure out what we need to do to increase my parents’ health — that God would show us if there’s any specific treatments they should pursue to regain their health.

My father is suffering with chronic congestion in his lungs and head. My mother has severe health problems which often seem to be related to inflammation in her shoulders and spine. All of this is exactly what people claim the douglas fir essential oil helps.

I don’t know if there’s truly any significance to these three dreams in one night, but I’m going to order douglas fir essential oil for my parents today. I’ve personally used essential oils in the past to cure minor health problems, so I don’t see how it could hurt to try this. Some essential oils, like lavender, have given my father relief from his lung congestion and helped him sleep better.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the following three questions:

  1. Do you think it’s crazy to find meaning in dreams? Maybe it’s just because my family is concerned about Dad’s health that we happened to have these dreams in the same night? Go ahead and tell me what you truly think; I can take it!
  2. Has anything like this ever happened to you?  Please share your stories about dream experiences.
  3. Do you have personal experience with essential oils?  Let me know how you have seen them affect health conditions.

If you have an opinion or a story that you do not wish to share publicly, please email the information to MerryHeartsMedicine@gmail.com.  Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Dream Your Way to Good Health?

  1. I have written a lengthy response of my experiences to comment. However; I would like your ok prior to posting it here. It may be certainly helpful to you, as well as curiously entertaining to readers. My certainly brief answers for now are… 1) Yes. From my experiences, dreams are of importance. 2) Yes. I have a definite dream reuniting of a relative with a same night dream of another. My wife has had her own dream of a family member just to find her cousin woke to the same. 3) I have heard of good uses of essential oils. Yet, not of my personal use experiences.
    And, I want to mention to thank you for visiting my blog. It is quickly forming after just over a month! 🙂 ~Eric

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    • Thanks for your comment. I have had many strange experiences with dreams during my lifetime. I used to dream about a cousin of mine every time an important event happened in her life. I would call to ask how she was doing, and she would say “Oh, no, you dreamed about me so something big is about to happen!” I dreamed about her when she got engaged, became pregnant, her mother went in the hospital, her husband was in a terrible wreck, etc. So weird!

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      • Here is what I have written further to explain some of my experiences and feelings about your concerns and questions. Numbered from your questions.

        1) Yes. I believe that dreams we have (both awake and asleep) are viable and of certain value. This simultaneous dream does matter. Every moment matters. Accept this as a signal to awareness for you to seek concern and care. I would not figure that a dream would be an absolute premonition leading to an event.

        About dream visualization and value:
        To me it comes down to awareness, acceptance, and actualization.
        Yes, in three A’s.

        1a) Awareness; many matters and situations occur all around us, yet if we cannot be perceptive and responsive to these sensations and be openly perceptive going about ‘blind or dull’ will not suffice to permit us to even know of anything. Anything.
        And, so as it goes sleep dream awareness and recall for many people are very rare. With an exception to nightmarish events (horror/terror trauma) or in a better way, seemingly deep emotional dream character connections inspire much higher recall. If not for these emotional dream recalls many may admit that they otherwise never dream. Research I have studied would conclude that nearly every reasonably healthy sleeping person have nearly half a dozen notable dream events per night. I personally have very vivid multiple dream recalls nearly every night and I have certainly found applications of this to my awareness and awakened activities. I feel that an enormous amount of both healing and daily sensation awareness (creativity) can be gained and guided by actively engaging dream awareness. However; this takes individual patience, clean lifestyle, and discipline to achieve. Furthermore, our society tends to decline things that are not readily swift and superficial. All about the latest celebrity ‘pop news’, political bickering or mass media ‘breaking news’ hype that seems to dull us and stir up habits of nervous short-mindedness.

        1b) Acceptance; dreams are so very often (always?) withheld. Very few relationships openly express dream experiences. Therefore; if you have become openly communicative about dream occurrences, singularities, and concerns, you have accepted an extended circle of dream capacity. I do imagine that this happens much more than we may ever know living day to day. I feel heaven contains dreams as common communication among all. And, these heavenly spiritual ‘dreams’ then are eternally real. There quite often will be extending circles from this communication that extends to our common day to day. Or, more capably, as our minds rest nightly. I had often concluded as a young Christian that this is sensible reason why so many tend to pray at bedtime. A meditative moment, that settles the mind to be receptive from awake to asleep. Dreams could then also be believed to be this extended circle. From our conscious day to day actions and desires to our semi/subconscious thinking.

        1c) Actualization; fulfilling an acceptance and understanding of one’s true self’… this is perhaps our life’s pursuit. (?) Dreams again are present here. Daytime dreams (daydreams?, desires, goals) are our more tactile, and are certainly more accountable to consider. It is the messages of our nightly dreams that may be much more of a key to visualizing more creative, holistic and healing advances of our lives. If only we begin to perceive and permit them to be.

        2) My wife had shared a simultaneous dream character visitation on the same night as her cousin. They both dreamt that a cousin that died tragically in a car crash many years before (about 15 years had passed) came to them. Since this dream was so vividly recalled by my wife that particular morning, she felt an immediacy to call her cousin that morning. So, once her cousin revealed to her that she was about to pick up the phone they were both immediately intrigued by this and even more so that they had time to share of this lost cousin. All happening that same night.

        I personally had a reunion dream with my Grandfather. My Grandfather had died over 10 years ago. This dream was intensely vivid. I was able to have him see me, and me him, we would talk without speaking. I knew by this that he and we would be alright. All is right. We hugged. I knew I was in a dream. This is known as being lucid. To dream fully aware. To be aware of, to know it is the perception of a dream as it happens. Awakening from a real lucid dream such as this is extraordinary. This is what must be shared in any way possible. I hope to imagine this is what true faith of any form is. It just, is. This dream was also more substantial to me since I found soon after on a call to my mother that she had a sudden dream a night or two before mine that my grandfather; her dad, had asked how and where I am.

        Perhaps some of this sensation is what is what formalized religions initially and intended to express. To share. To be. So, I imagine that if a doctrine can purely tap this aspect we should all have within us that would be wonderful. It is presented more accountable in our awake lifetime day to day. Prayer may be a common bridge of our inner awareness, acceptance and actualising of many matters. It also requires similar discipline, and desire to these inner, more placidly perceived matters of our nighttime dream experiences. Since it is more often within our sleep that our busy, distracted, 4-second attention span mind can reach further. (?)

        3) Essential oils. I have very little experience with using these oils for self-help healthcare. I have heard of many good and positive things of others along some more immediate time. I would not be able to personally offer you any fair guidance to use them for this concern of breathing stress and any matters of a cure.

        I certainly hope all the best for him to have a healthful recovery from his ailments and that he will be comforted with your care. I’m sure you will do all the best to see that this is so.

        ~ Eric

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      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. When you mentioned lucid dreams, I had to smile. Those can be the most fun of all. I had many dreams as a child that people were chasing me and trying to hurt me. If they actually caught me, I would just “rewind” the dream a bit and make it play out differently so that I could escape safely and have a happy ending to the dream.

        I have had so many bizarre dreams nearly every night my entire life. I think if I tried to make sense/meaning out of them, I would go insane! 🙂 Instead, I just think of them as entertainment, kind of like my morning newspaper.

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