One More Photographic Mystery Solved

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Here’s my mysterious photo from the last post.  Were you able to guess what it is?  Let me tell you a brief story about it…

long, coiled brown and black mess

My husband and I were in our sorely-neglected garden gathering watermelons before the forecasted rain hit the area.  He was helping me carry the 15-25 pound melons while he was waiting for our hamburgers to finish cooking on the grill.

garden neglected and messy-looking at the end of the summer

My poor garden was in a shambles at the end of this summer. (And it still is. There’s never enough hours in the day to do all the things I’d like.)

Suddenly, from behind us came a loud pop and a roaring sound.  We turned to see the gas grill billowing dark gray smoke high into the air!

My hubby ran to the grill, opened the lid, and leaped back from the head-high flames that shot up into his face.  He tried spraying the fire with water, to no avail.

Finally, he managed to turn off the gas, calm the flames, and assess the damage.  During this process, the hair on his head and arm had been singed pretty badly.

With the compassion that only a wife of over twenty years can give, I said “Hold still!  Let me grab my camera!  This will look great on my blog!”  (Ha ha!  He still loves me, despite it all.)

curled, burnt hair over a sweaty forehead from grill mishap

In order to keep this story short, I’ll just say we ate crunchy burger-bits that night from what we could salvage, and we no longer own a grill!  Lol


4 thoughts on “One More Photographic Mystery Solved

  1. Your husband’s hair and here I thought it was some dead weed. I can see why the grill is gone. I am glad he was not seriously injured and actually that hair looks quite funny. Ha I probably would have grabbed my camera too if that had been my husband. Grills can often be quite dangerous!

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