Moments of Joy: September 2015

A big surprise party was the topic for last month’s happy moment.  This month I’d love to share a comical moment to elicit a laugh and brighten your day.

photo collage of people laughing

A sweet young friend of mine often has the same “problem” that I did as a child:  frequent bouts of the hiccups.  I don’t remember my hiccups sounding as varied and unusual as hers though.  When she starts, everyone in the room often ends up laughing at the sounds she makes.  I used to chide her for making strange sounds on purpose, but over time I’ve come to realize these are genuine hiccups for her.

One sunny day at my house, she gets a loud string of hiccups going while I am working on my laptop in the same room.  I stealthily use the recorder on my computer to capture the hilarious sounds, knowing that some day it will come in useful, even if only to give myself a good laugh.

After experiencing another giggle-fest with her recently, I’ve decided it’s time to share these funny sounds with the world!  There are even more bizarre sounds than the ones on this video that have come out of this girl in my presence.  I wish I could have captured her craziest hiccups!  Sometimes it sounds like she’s speaking in another language.  It’s just too funny to me!

Have you ever heard anyone who hiccups like this?


Quick tip:  My daughter has a hiccup cure that has worked effectively for her since she was tiny.  She puts a drink of water in her mouth, lies on her back on the bed or couch with her head hanging upside-down over the edge, swallows the water, and rests there for a second or two.  When she sits up, her hiccups are gone nearly every time!

Her daddy helped her devise this trick by using her sippy cup when she was a toddler.  I’ve tried that cure myself, but all I ever do is choke on the water! Lol  Thankfully, I rarely ever get hiccups anymore.

Do you have a trick that works to cure your hiccups?


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