Here’s What Was Hiding in My Parents’ Yard

If you haven’t seen my most recent photography post, click back to it before you read this one because these photos give the answers to the latest guessing game I presented with mystery macro photographs.

Macro Mysteries Solved photography logo by Merry Hearts Medicine

Did you correctly figure out the subjects of the last set of photos?  Check this list to see:

  1. The belly of an orb weaver spider who was sitting on its web.

photo of the underside of an orb weaver spider on its web

2. A tiny butterfly flitting around the yard.

tiny white and brown butterfly clinging to a blade of grass

3. A honeysuckle bloom.

macro photo of a honeysuckle bloom

4. A delicate spider web with an unusual tangled-looking section in the center.

spider web with tangled section in the center

5. A stalk of bermuda grass in bloom, complete with a little spider crawling toward its web. There are so many types of spider webs!

blooming stalk of bermuda grass with a tiny spider and web

6.  The sixth photo was this little gray grasshopper escaping into some dead weeds.

gray grasshopper sitting on someone's hand

7.  A large piece of coral that we pulled out of my mother’s flower bed.

a large chunk of white coral sitting in the grass

Thanks again to all those who liked and commented in this photography guessing game!  You added a little spark of happiness to my day!


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