Homeschool Helps

As you may already know, I homeschool my daughter.  She’s in high school now–yikes!  (How is that even possible?  And, does that mean I’m getting O-L-D?  Ugh!)

What started out as a one-year venture due to unusual circumstances has become a way of life now.  I wouldn’t trade this special time with her for anything!  I have a front-row seat to watch her grow and mature into a beautiful young lady.

I’ve been reading several helpful homeschooling posts by Cristina on her lovely blog called “A Homeschool Mom.”  Her post on grammar inspired me to share some of my charts and posters that we have used over the last few years of homeschooling.  Simple charts and songs make things much easier to remember.

To see all that I’ve shared, you can take a peek at my “Homeschool” Pinterest board by clicking on the photo below:

picture saying

Not a Pinterest user?  I’ll put a few of the charts below for you to see (just click on the gallery to see the images one at a time):

Putting lessons to song is a very productive way to do homeschool lessons.  My daughter can still sing songs from her classes that we did several years ago.  Here is the first YouTube video I ever created, featuring a song I wrote for the 53 most common prepositions: (It’s to the tune of “Auld-Langsyne.”)

Homeschooling is a special experience.  It has its ups and downs, as does any worthwhile endeavor.  There are so many amazing (and FREE) resources available on the internet these days that a quality homeschool program is becoming easier and easier to create.  There are so many options now that you can find just what you need to set up classes tailored to your family’s goals and ideals.

I hope these charts, songs, and references are useful to you.  Happy homeschooling, and have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Homeschool Helps

  1. How lucky your daughter is to be homeschooled. You have put some very good information on here for those who are just venturing into the homeschool phase of their lives. I hear that those who are homeschooled are intelligent young people. Nice post

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    • Thanks! I believe that if the parent/teacher is trying to provide a good homeschool education, the child is sure to succeed. Just the fact that there are only usually 1-5 kids per teacher, rather than the 25-30 kids in public school classes, would have to give homeschooled kids an advantage. It’s nice to be able to work around your own schedule, too, instead of following a bell schedule, standing in line to go places, waiting for papers to be handed out or others students to get finished before continuing work, etc. But, the moral aspects of molding your own child’s experiences is the best thing of all, to me.

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