Backyard Minutiae

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Are your eagle eyes feeling sharp today?  Are you up for the challenge of another photo guessing game?

In previous posts, I displayed macro shots of items in a room and subjects that were alive.  When I asked if anyone could identify the subjects of the photos, some of you were pretty good at figuring out the answers.

Since a few people seemed to enjoy the guessing game (and since any excuse to break out the camera brightens my day), I present another set of mystery macro photos for you today.  These were all taken in my parents’ yard.

So, would anyone like to identify these items?  I believe the last one could possibly stump you all!

(Sorry, the quality of some of these photos is not what I would like it to be.  My old camera is limited on the aperture settings and the number of pixels it can take.)


macro photo of the abdomen of an orb weaver spider


macro photo of the wing of a tiny white butterfly


macro photo of part of a honeysuckle bloom


macro photo of a tangled-looking spider web


macro photo of pink and purple blooms on bermuda grass


macro photo of brown weeds with a gray grasshopper


macro photo of white coral, full of holes


Have I stumped you with any of these photos?

Please share your guesses in the comments.  The answers will be revealed in a few days.  Thanks for playing along!

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{The answers have been posted!  Click here to see how many photos you correctly identified.}


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