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A little free time on a sleepy summer afternoon recently allowed me the opportunity to create a macro photography guessing game.  It was a fun creative project that received positive feedback, so I decided to give it another go.  This time I will give you a hint:  these are all photos of things that are alive.

 Can you identify the subjects of these macro photographs?

1.reddish-brown bug eggs on a leaf, lit by dazzlingly bright sunlight

2.macro photo showing the texture of a black dog's nostril

3.fuzz bursting out of tiny brown pods on a weed

4.macro photo of orange and yellow canna bloom

5.macro photo of the back half of a fly

6.macro photo of the center of a purple mexican petunia bloom

7.pale spots and fuzzy veins on a dying squash leaf

8.macro photo of tiny bud growing from the bark of a tulip tree

That’s probably enough to test your brain for today.  I’ll save the rest of the photos for later.

It’s pretty obvious what the subjects of some of these photos are, but can you guess them all correctly?  Please leave a comment below when you think you know the answers!

I’ll be “out of pocket” for a little while, so I won’t be able to respond to you right away.  But, I look forward to seeing any guesses you share!

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{Don’t forget to test your observational skills on the second half of this guessing game  before you look at the answers!}