Living Mysteries Solved

Last week I presented macro photographs for you to identify, just for fun.  (Here are links to the posts: photos 1-8 and photos 9-17)

Macro Mysteries Solved photography logo by Merry Hearts Medicine

If your curiosity was peaked a little by my last two posts, here are the answers you’ve been waiting for:

  1. tiny stink bug eggs on a squash leaf, baking in the blinding afternoon sun (Look how different their coloring is when I photographed them in the shade!)bug eggs on a green squash leaf
  2. our dog’s nostrilsmall black and tan dog staring eagerly at a squirrel in a tree
  3. tiny seed pods opening on a weed
  4. a bundle of blooms on a canna plant
  5. the rear half of a fly who was sitting on a wooden benchblack fly sitting on the back of a wooden bench
  6. the center of a wilting mexican petunia bloom
  7. part of a dying leaf on a squash vine
  8. these tiny buds form under each branch on the trunk of our tulip tree
  9. fuzzy new growth on a watermelon vinefuzzy new growth on a watermelon vine
  10. odd-looking blooms on a tall wildflower
  11. a chicken’s ear and earlobewhite hen with baby chick jumping onto her back
  12. the center of a sunflower bloom
  13. sun shining through the purple leaf of a coleus plant
  14. a freshly-trimmed dog toenail
  15. the skin of a ripening spaghetti squash (Harvest time will be soon — yum!)
  16. the wings of a hummingbird mothhummingbird moth drinking from phlox blooms
  17. the seed pods developing after a branch on a crape myrtle bush finished blooming

Thanks again to those who ventured a guess on the previous posts and added to the enjoyment of my photography adventures!


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