Living Mysteries Continue

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Here are the remainder of the photos which I presented to you earlier this week.  Can you stretch your observational skills enough to discern the subjects of these images?  Remember: these are all photos of things that are alive.

 Can you identify the subjects of these macro photographs?

9.macro photo of a fuzzy tendril on a watermelon vine

10.strangely-shaped pink blooms on a tall wildflower

11.macro photo of a chicken's ear and earlobe

12.colorful macro photo of the center of a sunflower bloom

13.macro photo of sun shining through a purple coleus leaf

14.macro photo of a freshly-trimmed black dog's toenail

15.macro photo of the skin of a yellow spaghetti squash fruit

16.macro photo of the wings of a hummingbird moth

17.seed pods developing after a crape myrtle bush bloomed

I will be otherwise occupied for a few more days, but I look forward to reading your comments about these photos!

All the living macro mysteries will be revealed when I return home.  Until then, keep guessing and thanks for playing along!

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{Did you see the first half of this guessing game?  If so, keep your list of guesses in mind and click here to see the answers!}


5 thoughts on “Living Mysteries Continue

  1. I think #1 is a melon vine, #2 some type of lily opening, #3 chicken, no feathers, #4 center of sunflower, #5 a leaf, #6 ?, #7 squash, #8 Bee, #9 tomatoes. Does not seem like anyone else that has punched like wants to take the time to participate – I think this whole process is fun. Nice post

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