Details Revealed

In the last post, I presented some photographic macro mysteries for you to identify with your discerning artistic eye.  Today, I will reveal the true subjects represented in those interesting images.  (Ooo, doesn’t that sound fancy? ha ha  Anyway, here’s what was in the pictures from the last post…)

Macro Mysteries Solved photography logo by Merry Hearts Medicine

All the photos were taken within a five-foot area of one of our bedrooms.

  1. sunlight shining through the leaf of a spider plant
  2. a tiny knot in the wood of the window sill
  3. our poor, sun-rotted window screen
  4. sunlight shining through velvet curtains
  5. side-view of the finger joints on a wooden knick-knack shelf
  6. a sea shell
  7. the aerial roots on a silver philodendron plant

macro photo subjects in bedroom, including spider plant, window, knick-knack shelf

silver philodendron growing in water in vase that is mounted on the wall

I had fun making these last two photography posts.  If you enjoyed it enough for me to do another one some day, please let me know in the comments.  Thanks and have a happy day!


4 thoughts on “Details Revealed

  1. Well, I did not do very well on guessing any of your macro photos. It is kind of fun to do something like that. Hard to believe all those macro pictures came from a small area of one room. Good job of fooling me.

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