It’s All in the Details

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Photography has become a little bit of a hobby of mine this year, when I have time to get out my camera.  The camera I have is older and has its limitations, but I have managed to capture some descent shots with it the last few months.  I’ve particularly enjoyed trying my hand at macro photography.  For me, it’s relaxing and adds a bit of joy to my day.

There are interesting details to discover all around us, if we have the time (and macro camera setting) to explore them!

Can you identify the subjects of these macro photographs?

macro photo of sunlight shining through the leaf of a spider plant

macro photo of a small knot showing through the paint on a windowsill

macro photo of window screen that has rotted after years of sunlight

macro photo of sunlight shining through a brown velvet curtain

macro photo of finger joints on a knick knack shelf

macro photo of the ridges on a burgundy and white seashell

macro photo of aerial roots on a vining plant

What hobbies bring a spark of happiness to your day?

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{Are you curious to know if your guesses are right?  The subjects of these photos are identified in the next post.}


11 thoughts on “It’s All in the Details

  1. Really nice textures! I think I see a blade of grass, wood rings, a torn screen, fabric or animal fur, wooden joints, a sea shell, and part of a pothos plant. I have to agree that photography and observing nature make me happy, as well as cooking.

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  2. I can only imagine what each of these photos are. I say #1 is a blade of grass, #2 painted wood with knot, #3 dried up vine across fence wire, #4 carpet. #6 has me stumped – something plastic.
    Macro photography is a lot of fun. At close range the texture of items is amazing.

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