Being Complete

tiny house sitting upside down next to a concrete floor with a chair sitting nearby

Does it ever feel like something is just not quite right with your home? …your family? …yourself?

Do you often wish you felt more happy or fulfilled?

Is something missing in your life?

Check out the following video, and you may discover the keys to making your life feel complete.

For more information on this topic, please click on the audio links below:

Unfulfilled Believers.

What’s Missing?

It’s Never Enough — Covetousness.

Framework for Fulfillment.

Choosing Contentment.

Serve, Pray, Seek, Wait.


3 thoughts on “Being Complete

  1. Very good post. I liked the sermon. All through the Old Testament of the Bible, Israel turned their backs on God constantly and he punished them until they repented. America was once blessed, but America has turned its back on God and I feel God is now very displeased with the sin in this country today. Without God there is nothing. Mankind needs to turn back to God and Now!
    I am praying those of the world will take time to listen to this and change their lives. A+ from me on this post.

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