Moments of Joy: June 2015

Last month I shared a collection of small events which brought me joy — life’s simple pleasures.  This summer has been such a blurry flurry of activity that for the first time I am late in sharing my “Moment of Joy.”  Thus, June’s post will be short and simple compared to my usual monthly vignettes…

Cherish the moments while they last because time goes by so fast.

“Summer break”?!  How did it get to be summer already, and who has time to take a break from anything?

While perusing my WordPress Reader, I chuckle at this cartoon shared by Betty Jo in her homeschooling and humor blog called “Still Learning Something New.”


You see, In January 2015, my brain says, “My daughter will start high school soon, and this is the last semester we have to just enjoy ourselves and allow her to be a kid.  We need more free time to visit family and friends.  We need more time to bond and relax!  This will be wonderful!”

Then my mouth says, “Let’s take it easier this spring for a change, so we can enjoy more free time!”

Of course, my student responds, “Sure!  That sounds great! Yay!  Wa-hoo!  All right!  I love it…”  (She says something along those lines, anyway.  I don’t quite catch every word she is yelling while her sparkling eyes dance with excitement.)

Now, in July 2015, as I sit grading a stack of algebra papers on the couch beside my mildly-depressed daughter, my brain says, “The things you put off in spring, you will pay for in summertime.  Was it worth it?  I don’t know, but it sure was fun at the time.  Sigh…OK, the square root of 24 plus negative four times three X squared…”

2 thoughts on “Moments of Joy: June 2015

  1. Yes, when you put things off they just catch up with you and you run out of time. The best way to deal with life if stay ahead of the game. Not much fun, but makes life more relaxing. Nice pictures, cute cartoon. Hang in there, someday the kids graduate and life calms down. One also has to learn to say “NO” when others push you into extra work that you have no time to do.

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