Photo 101: Warmth 2.0

Day 9 goal:  Use the sun to create a sense of warmth in your photos while paying attention to how the quality and direction of light affect the shot.

weeping willow tree lit with the late evening sun

The “warm” side of our weeping willow, bathed in evening sunlight.

weeping willow tree, camera looking toward the sun

The “cool,” dark side of our weeping willow, backlit by the evening sun.

And God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars.

~ Genesis 1:16

Here’s a stained glass window I photographed while touring a historic bath house in Hot Springs, Arkansas, earlier this spring:

Which is more appealing to you:  flash or no flash?  What about the willow tree; did you prefer the sunny or shady side?

Click the following link to see Warmth 1.0 — Several rainy days caused me to put a figurative slant on this theme the first time I participated in Photo 101.


2 thoughts on “Photo 101: Warmth 2.0

  1. Liked the dark side of the willow best. On the window I could not make up my mind, I liked them both. Yes, God made greater and lesser light. He created a beautiful world for us, we need to take better care of our world. Nice post

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