Photogenic Flowers and Photography 101

macro photo of dark red lily flower with orange pollen

The lilies are so beautiful this week in my yard, now that the rain has let up for several days in a row.  As I was loading these flower photos onto my computer and looking through posts in my blog reader, I noticed an announcement from WordPress that their Photography 101 class will be starting in a few days.  So, I talked myself into signing up…again.

Wordpress I participated in the class in March and enjoyed it, though it was a little too time-consuming since I was a freshly-budded photography enthusiast.  I’ve learned a lot since then about how to wield my Canon Power Shot S3 IS camera, so I thought I’d give Photo 101 another go.

I’m not expecting my images to be of better quality than last time.  I do believe, however, that I will be more efficient at taking satisfactory photos since I know more about which camera settings to choose for different situations.

Thank you to all those who gave me photography advice and answered my questions the last few months!  Over the next four weeks, you can be the judge of whether your time and effort spent on me was worth it.  🙂  Either way, please keep the tips and critiques coming!

macro photo of orange and yellow daylily bloom


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