Flora and Fauna Photos

Most of these photos were taken at Garvan Woodland Gardens botanical garden in Hot Springs, Arkansas during our April vacation.  I hope they bring a smile to your face today.  (Scroll over or click on the photos for more info.)


6 thoughts on “Flora and Fauna Photos

  1. I commented here earlier, but my browser crashed shortly thereafter, and I don’t think it went through. So I figured I’d say it again: Thank you so much for taking us along on your walk. Your photos are stunning!

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    • Apparently it didn’t go through the first time. Thanks for taking the effort to send it a second time; your compliments are encouraging!

      A couple of years ago, I used to do jigsaw puzzles with my mother all the time. I would frequently see scenery or other things and say “That would make a great puzzle!” Now that I’ve been toying with photography, I say “I wish I had my camera — that would make a great photo!” My daughter really laughs at me. 🙂

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