Learn More About Chicks

Sorry, fellas, this isn’t a post about how to get a girlfriend.  This post is “for the birds,” or bird-lovers, anyway.  The “chicks” I’ll be talking about are poultry, our fluffy feathered friends.

For those of you who were interested in my previous blog post about raising baby chickens, I wanted to let you know that I have been adding information and pictures to the post as new ideas (and new chicks) arrive.  So if you, or anyone you know, wants info and tips about raising chicks, please check back with that post periodically.

Click on this busy momma hen to see the latest chick updates.

white mother hen scratching in the dirt as her chicks watch for bugs

Please feel free to ask questions, leave your own tips, or share your critique in the comments for that post.  Thanks!


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