1884 Wildwood Bed & Breakfast Inn, Hot Springs, AR

You’ve likely heard the saying “The third time is a charm.”  Well, for me, staying at the Wildwood Bed & Breakfast for the third time was every bit as charming as the first two visits.  I mentioned in a previous post that it was time for my family’s annual “girl trip” to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  We are back, and we had a wonderful time, especially since we booked special accommodations again for this year’s trip.

1884 Wildwood Bed & Breakfast Inn, Hot Springs, Arkansas

If you have never stayed the night at a bed and breakfast, you are missing out on something great.  If you’ve enjoyed the bed and breakfast experience but have never stayed at the 1884 Wildwood Bed & Breakfast Inn in Hot Springs, AR, you are still missing out!  I don’t usually like to advertise anything, but I cannot help but share this jewel in central Arkansas in case any of you are ever in the area and might be able to stay in one of the quaint rooms there.

The hosts, David and Rebecca, will make you feel like a welcome family member.  Rebecca’s three-course breakfasts are incredible, and her lively, expert tour of the house will take you on a fascinating trip back in time through the history of the property and the town.

Hot Springs is a fun town to visit, with a little something to entertain everyone, from its unique historical sites, to hot mineral baths and massages, national forest nature walks, interesting architecture, tourist and other shopping, nearly any restaurant you can imagine, rock and crystal shops, tours across land an water on “duck boats,” an alligator petting zoo, Pirate’s Cove miniature golf, the Magic Springs theme park, and a 250-foot-tall observation tower, all nestled in and around the wooded hills and beautiful lakes of central Arkansas.

sunny sidewalk lined with trees on one side and bath houses on the other

That was a mouthful, wasn’t it?  Suffice it to say, even with (nearly) annual visits to the town since 2007, my family has never run out of things to do and see.  Staying at the Wildwood Bed & Breakfast Inn is the icing on the cake that makes the trip a complete joy for my family and friends!  If you or someone you know plans to visit the area, please check out their web site and see if you’d like to book a room.  I highly recommend it.

If you’ve looked at my blog before, you know I’ve become a shutterbug, especially for macro photography.  I think I took close to 600 photos during our three-day vacation.  I have enough photos and stories to write posts about Hot Springs until we (hopefully) go back next spring…

…but I won’t do that to you!  😉

As promised in a pre-vacation post, I would like to share some of my photos with you, though.  These are all from the B&B (scroll over or click on photos to see more info):



 Let’s move on from stained glass to examine woodwork.

wooden stair banister with stained glass window in background


Hand-carved woodwork