Links to Joy: Eye Glasses

There are “little things” in life that are not so little when you think about it.  Being thankful for the good things in our lives, whether they be big / important things or little / seemingly insignificant things, adds a richness and joy to life.

Have you ever heard this before?

OH!  Where are they?  Ugh, I know I set them down over here somewhere!  Where are they??  …  Hey, has anyone seen my glasses?  I’ve looked all over the place, and I can’t find them!

[Just as a side note, a friend of mine did this yesterday while searching for her phone.  She was gathering her things in preparation to leave her house when I called her and was getting very frustrated, saying “I thought it was in my purse.  I had it laying right here on the table a minute ago!  Where is that stupid thing?!  Aaauugghh!”  I said,  “Your cell phone?  You’re talking to me on it right now.”  Her reaction was hilarious!  I’m so glad I’m not the only person who does things like that!  Lol.]

Glasses may seem like a nuisance or inconvenience, but when you want them and can’t find them, you realize how important they are.  My husband has rarely ever searched for his misplaced glasses because he only takes them off to sleep.  Without his glasses he is almost legally blind, but with them he is able to work in a career that centers around using vision.  His entire livelihood is dependent upon those two little lenses.

Personally, I dread the thought of having to wear glasses all the time, even knowing what a blessing they are.  I see them in my near future, though.  For almost a year now, I’ve become aware that my eyesight is changing.  Last week, I had to get a magnifying glass to be able to thread the needle on my sewing machine.

[I was going to skip it all together, but after threading that needle, I’ve decided to officially start having my “mid-life crisis” now.  Lol.  My best friend just laughed at me when I told her because she has needed glasses since childhood.  She said, “Just get contacts and don’t worry about it.”  My thoughts were “Shove plastic disks into my eyes?  Is that really a better alternative?” ha ha]

Think how different the world was before “spectacles” were invented.  Those little lenses can be a life-changer, and those of us who have access to such aides are very blessed indeed!


3 thoughts on “Links to Joy: Eye Glasses

  1. You have a silly friend who could not find her phone, but was talking to you on it. Ha Ha As for glasses, I wear them, they are aggravating and I do misplace them often. When you are working in the yard, they fall down on your nose when both of your gardening hands are dirty. You sweat and it all seems worse near your eyes behind your glasses. I could go on about them, but I will quit. Good post.

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  2. My glasses have definitely changed my life. I am legally blind without them. I have also watched as a couple of my children got glasses. The drive home they were surprised that they could see the individual leaves on trees. Glasses are a blessing indeed.

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