Spring Macro Photo Gallery

As I’ve said before, observing and interacting with nature adds joy to my life.  I’m in awe of the complex patterns and relationships in nature, the efficient recycling through stages of decay and regrowth, the balance of interaction between each member of a local ecosystem, and the ebb and flow of the seasons.

Spring is the season currently budding out in my neck of the woods!  Let’s get up close and personal with the beauty of this wonderful season…

When I’m attempting to capture such natural beauty with my camera, I often think about how the hand of our Great Designer can be seen in His intricate creations.

11 thoughts on “Spring Macro Photo Gallery

    • The second shot surprised me when I loaded it onto my computer. I thought “What is this? I was trying to photograph GREEN moss!??” ha ha I’m using a Canon Power Shot S3 IS that I’ve had for many years. I think the company doesn’t make this particular camera anymore. My favorite thing about it is the flip and swivel LCD monitor, which makes it so much easier to capture unusual angles and still see what’s in the camera frame. Love it!

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      • yolomoments12 says:

        I see. I’m a fan of of that effect, the blurry effect but sometimes its really up to the camera your using to achieve that photo. I really love photography and I’m learning every photography blog that I followed. Looking forward for more of your great shots. God Bless 😉

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  1. Wow, what beautiful plants and flowers. You overdid yourself on this one, but I really enjoyed all the glory of God that you displayed. Beautiful, wonderful, post. You seem to be doing well using your camera.

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    • Thank you very much. One lady I asked had a field full of white daffodils and she said she shared them with people all the time. I got a few huge clumps and made a 60 foot row across my front yard. I’m glad I asked her, because the next year she moved away and someone dug up that field full of beautiful flowers and made a pond!

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