B&W Photo 5-day Challenge: Day 5

Cynthia M Voss recently challenged me to participate in the “Black and White Photo Five-day Challenge.”  Obviously, I have accepted!   😉

What is this challenge?  As Cynthia explained it,

The goal is to post one B&W photo each day for five days…Part of the fun is to nominate another blogger, one on each day…There is no pressure to accept this challenge.  It’s just for fun! 🙂 

Today, I nominate Karen Anderson, who shares her imaginative photography on her blog called “Expressing my vision.”  She calls herself an “amateur photography enthusiast,” but in my opinion she is no amateur!  Her macro photos are incredible!

So…what do you say, Karen?  Feel free to ignore this challenge if you do not wish to participate.  If you do decide to join in, I look forward to viewing your photos!   😀

Here’s my entry for my final day, Day 5:

frosty toes beside black flip flops that have the shapes of feet outlined in snow

This is the result of playing in the snow while wearing flip flops. If the photo were in color, you could see that her frosty toes were bright pink. Must be nice to have such great blood circulation! ha ha


4 thoughts on “B&W Photo 5-day Challenge: Day 5

    • Yeah, I used to fuss at my daughter about wearing coats and hats and proper shoes. One day I realized that at her age I was never cold, either, and if she gets too cold, she’ll come in and put on something warmer. I thought, “She won’t die from getting cold in the backyard, and this fight isn’t worth it!” ha

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