Photography 101: The Journey of a Girl and Her Camera Manual

Yes, after all these years I’m finally reading my camera’s User Guide manual.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their photography skills.  There’s no need to rush through it.  Digest it a couple of pages at a time — it’s not exactly riveting reading — and you will discover many simple methods to improve your photos.

Through this process of reading the manual (and somewhat randomly pushing buttons on my camera), I’ve produced quite a few enjoyable photos.  Here’s a compilation of my favorite images.  Some you’ve seen if you’ve read my previous Photography 101 posts; others are new.  (You can scroll over or click on the photos for more info.)


16 thoughts on “Photography 101: The Journey of a Girl and Her Camera Manual

    • Thanks. Halfway down on the left is the butterfly photo that I thought was so great…until I saw YOUR butterfly photo. Lol.

      You do great work. When I saw your photo of the water droplets reflecting the striped paper, I first thought it was some type of computer effect. Cool stuff! 🙂


      • Thank you, I use my macro lens a lot so do manage to get a lot of close up photos, which I love. I also really enjoy experimenting with different genres and ideas with my photography, hence the droplets. 🙂

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  1. Smaaak says:

    haha ! I had to sit myself down to read my camera manual. And then I forget what buttons were where, and in which buttons were what I wanted. I still like your chicken photo. It is looking at you ! Had it caught a worm?


    • That’s funny about your camera manual! I’ve done the same thing.

      No worms involved. The hen was sitting in a nest box waiting to lay an egg. Actually, I spent quite some time that morning collecting photos for a certain chicken blog post I plan to publish in a week or two… 😉

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      • Smaaak says:

        Yes please ! How about a series? Like when the egg comes out is it already hard shell ? When the egg comes out is it ready to be removed? The mother hen does not scold you ? Is it daily, laying of eggs?

        Was the above chicken annoyed at you for bothering her during her egg laying?

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      • You are as curious as I am! Lol.

        For a quick reply: The egg comes out hard, but damp with a wet coating called the “bloom” which puts an antibacterial coating on the egg. In a couple of minutes, the egg is dry and ready to use. We’ve raised most of our hens from birth, and some of them pretty much tolerate anything we do around them. There was one Easter Egger hen (the one in the dust bathing photos) who got annoyed with me when I put the camera too close. She left the nest for a while to get away from me. She started doing her happy cackle as if she had actually laid an egg, which I thought was funny. Each breed, and each individual chicken, has her own personality. With our hens, it’s usually only if one is trying to hatch eggs that she minds if we stick our hands in the nest. When that happens, the hen will fluff the feathers up on her head and neck and make a loud sound almost like a chattering monkey! Funny! 🙂

        In case you don’t want to wait until I get my chicken post done, here is a link about how eggs are formed. This lady called “The Chicken Chick” has quite an extensive website that could likely answer any questions you have:

        Here’s a video I think is adorable:

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