Photography 101: Edge

Day 18:  Today we’re livin’ on the edge in our Photo 101 class!  Lol.  The tip for this assignment was to use photo editing software to make sure the edge we photograph is lined up nice and straight in the photo.

Thankfully, my father let me borrow his camera tripod a couple of weeks ago (he was quite a good photographer back before I was born).  The tripod makes it so much easier to line things up straight and to take macro shots without losing focus due to camera movement.

Once again, I utilized the trusty Aperture Priority setting on my Canon Power Shot camera to capture these images of our Beta fish.  There are plenty of edges in this photo  — the tank, the water, the corner of the room, and the window edges.  When viewed from the edge like this, water refraction and tank reflections make it look like we have three fish instead of one.  (Please scroll over the images or click on them for more info.)

Did you notice the extreme difference in the view out the window?  Shooting photos with and without the flash can cause surprising changes…Well, surprising to me, anyway, since I’m new to photography.  Which photo is more appealing to you?

There was an issue with using the Aperture Priority setting for this photo shoot.  The shutter speed on this setting is slower to let in that rich lighting, which means any motion in the shot will be nothing but a colorful bblluurr.  It’s not noticeable in the first set of photos because the fish was not moving.  Here are some examples of him swimming: one using the Aperture Priority setting and the other using the Sports setting.

I guess that’s why the mouth on my little bunny friend blurred when I used the Aperture Priority setting to take this photo of him licking his lips in the yard today.


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