Photography 101: Treasure

Day 16:  I went treasure hunting today with my camera!  I may not have found what you would deem to be treasure, but as today’s assignment stated:  “In the absence of a wooden chest full of gold doubloons, any object or experience that is deeply meaningful can be a treasure.  Items, places, people — we all cherish something, or someone.”  A tip for this assignment was to focus in on a particular detail of a subject, rather than taking the photo from a typical distance or angle.

As I sat on the couch pondering this topic, I looked to my right and saw my treasure there beside me.  The subject for my photo was as plain as the nose on my face.  Actually, it was the nose on my husband’s face!

half of face in light and half in shadow, with scar on nose

Please allow me to explain my odd photography choice, while being the least disgusting that I can:

Five years ago, my husband’s nose suddenly turned bright red and swelled up on one side, along with part of his face.  We had no idea what was happening to him as we watched the area swiftly changing and spreading.

…(fast forward to the end of the story)…

He was diagnosed with cellulitis, which is basically an infection that goes below the skin and deeper into the body tissues.

At a few points during this story, no one was sure what the outcome would be:  quick recovery? damage to the face? spread of infection into the bloodstream or brain?

A young nurse (who was not good at controlling her surprise or portraying a comforting bedside manner) had us scared that it could lead to serious, permanent damage or even death.

Thankfully, after a round of medicine and accompanying skin treatments (and a few rounds of merciless teasing about his “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” look), he fully recovered.  Today he has only this scar to show for it.

small scar on the side of a man's nose

I often look at this scar and think of how fragile life is…how easily someone’s life can be radically changed or completely taken away in a moment.  A few vigorous germs can enter a tiny scratch, and 90% of the things you thought were so important are tossed onto the back burner as life suddenly becomes very serious and priorities come into sharp focus.

When I look at that small flaw on my husband’s nose, I remember what a precious treasure he is to me — one that I must not take for granted.


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