This great blog post discusses the importance of positive communication. May we all remember to acknowledge those we appreciate!


thank you

Have you ever had that feeling that no one appreciates you?  Have you ever thought that maybe you aren’t the only one who feels this way?

Appreciation is a wonderful thing, especially if you show it.  A friend of mine recently sent me a letter that simply said how much he appreciated and cared for me.  It made me smile and the rest of the day I felt so happy.  Many people will do things for others for absolutely nothing, no smile, no thank you.  That’s a wonderful thing to do!  Everyone should give and not expect to receive.  But what if they got one thank you a day?  How much more motivated would they be?  What if you got a thank you a day?  Appreciation is something that should never be hidden.  If you want a thank you a day, give a thank you a day!

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