Photography 101: Landscapes

Day 15:  A beautiful landscape is the focus of today’s assignment, with an added tip about cropping photos to get the best effect.  No problem!  Even before I was very interested in photography, landscapes are what have attracted my camera lens my entire life.  Since today is dreary, rainy, and cold, I think I’ll search back through old photos and see what I can crop into something appealing.

~~~~~later in the day~~~~~

Well, I quickly realized something that will make me eat my words at the beginning of this post…All the great landscape photos I had in mind are either pre-digital age or I erased them years ago to save room on an old computer we had that went berserk and crashed.  So…

Here’s all I came up with:

view from the hill above Hot Springs, Arkansas

This photo is from a vacation we took in Arkansas last year. It was taken from a picturesque walking path above historic downtown Hot Springs.

Not an impressive photo, I know, but I did have fun reliving memories this morning as I scrolled through old photos on my computer.  While this may be one of my worst Photography 101 posts for you as the viewer, it was still quite enjoyable for me; so please indulge me this pitiful photography post.

During my search, I found old family photos I had forgotten about that were taken off my parents’ 35 mm slide projector.  I used them to update an earlier post about my grandmother’s handmade quilt.  I hope, if you have time, you’ll take a peek at it.  Feel free to comment and share your fond memories, too.

Technology and time march ever forward, but fond memories linger, still and constant, in that special warm place inside the heart…


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