Photography 101: Scale

Day 14:  Today it’s all about scale.  Instructions included “you can use anything and everything to help convey size in your image.”

perspective shot where apple and two oranges appear to be the same size

Three pieces of fruit sitting on a bamboo tray.

My camera was set to the Aperture Priority setting so the flash would work and the coloring would come out better (the lighting in my kitchen was not great).

Here’s a shot of the fruit without trying to affect the viewer’s perspective:

apple and two oranges sitting side-by-side, showing they are actually different sizes

As you can see, the fruit are not all the same size as they appeared to be in the first photo.

Here’s how I set up the shot to make the fruit appear more like they were the same size:

On the right, you can see my daughter’s little LED light (remember the one I used to blind my friends?  Lol).  I used it to add light to the apple and orange in the back because the closest orange had so much more flash bouncing off of it.

overhead view of apple and two oranges placed different distances from camera

Any pictures I took without the flash were quite grainy and dull.

For a few shots, my daughter shined another flashlight on a strategically chosen spot on the wall (the blinding glow in the above photo) to compensate for the larger shadow cast by the closest orange.  Yeah, that didn’t work so well, so I used my old, low-tech Photoshop program to tweak the shadow a bit for the orange on the right side.  Here’s the unaltered versions, with and without the extra flashlight:


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